What statement do you use the most?

@emagyne (665)
United States
January 1, 2008 10:14pm CST
I guess you could call it a slang statement or something you and your friends use amongst each other to get a point or something across. Me and my sister used one alot last year and it was "Gots to be more careful". If someone said or did something crazy, we would just say "Gots to be more careful". Now we say, " And we gone keep the party going". Using that in an example, like when my boyfriend gets mad and says something that he wants to piss me off, i will say, "Go ahead and do you...keep the party going". When a bill collector called me last week and advised me that it would go on my credit, i told them , " Get a stapler and staple it to the rest of the mess on my credit and keep the party going!" Which statement do you and your friends use alot?
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