Silly-Putty Dilemma......

@agfarm (930)
United States
January 2, 2008 3:07pm CST
Here is an interesting topic , which I hope will help all of you Mom's of Lively little 5 year old Boys , and their Silly-Putty Dilemma's. I used to Be a Dry-Cleaner , many moons ago , so.....I know this works ! If your 5 year old managed to get Silly-Putty glued In all 5 of your remotes , the Opening of the V.C.R. and your Carpets ( as well ) Grab a couple of Q-tips , some Rubbing Alchol ( if you do not have...Listerine works wonders too ! ) and an Old -( clean ) Tooth-Brush. Number 1 rule....always test for color-fastness . In other words try this in a hidden spot on the Fabric. Dip your Q-tip in the rubbing alchol and Gently.... work into the Silly- Putty. It works like Magic ! For Carpets , it might take a few Minutes Longer than Plastic - Items , But it works ( Honest ) Another Dry-cleaning Secret....If you Have a Blood-spot on Something which Cannot be dropped off at the Dry-Cleaners ( ie....) your Mattress.... Grab the Q-tips ( again )....and some hydrogen-Peroxide. The Number 1 rule applys here too. Test in a hidden area on your Mattress. Gently work a Q-tip full of Peroxide into the Mattress and Blot with Dry Towel. Repeat as needed. The Oxygen Bubbles the Stain right out. If this has been helpful to you...Share the enthusiasim and tell us what you know. The world works , if we work together !!! Love , A.
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