"It's cold! DAMN COLD!!"

United States
January 2, 2008 7:37pm CST
The second day of the New Year of 2008 and i'm already freezing my butt off, outside AND inside my house! I left earlier in order to trade in a wonky PlayStation 2 console, and I took and hid my $100 dollars in my jacket just in case I had to pay. On my way it felt as cold as though Hell already froze over and demons are building snow humans to torture! THAT COLD! I traded it in and paid the $100 dollars I got for Christmas, but it wasn't enough. I was short $5 to $6 dollars, and I was about to take it back until I came up with that money (Ironically it's also the money I saved in my box from my Clixsense paycheck)...that is...until someone whom I didn't recognize but knew me from high school paid my remaining trade-in price. I thanked her, but it was just as cold as I came home. Thank God I bought ear pads from a dollar store just in case. It was just as cold when I got inside back at home. So cold that I have to wear two blankets while i'm typing in MyLot! As Doc Brown said from "Back to the Future": "It's cold! DAMN COLD!"
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