The Good Life

January 2, 2008 11:09pm CST
Success is defined in so many ways. So many people are eager to listen how to become successful. Many authors makes lots of money writting about how to get rich. I think they get rich first, showing you how. Maybe I should also write showing you how, in return I will first get rich before you do. There is a big crowd waiting to receive instruction. There is the seminar on going into business, but the percentage of failure is 90% and the percentage of success if 10%. Money in truth is never put into good use. Yes 99% money has been wasted. The Good life is a simple life, a contented life, not a rat racing life, a chasing of the wind. Do you rejoice more because money is pouring in like rain? or Do you rejoice more because there is happiness and joy in your heart? Clearly define where you heart is? Many are decieve because movies potray the Good life - a life in the mansion - with cars and feast. Dancing, singing are the applause of many. Reality show has been popular. Good life is a matter of choice. If you choose to laugh or to be sad? We only have a day - today to feel good about yourself and to make are feel the same. Have a Good Life, enjoy and be generous. What you give is what you receive. What you sow is what you sow? An abundant harvest of joy is return when you too know how to make others happy and well.
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@anaknitatay (1335)
• Philippines
2 Mar 08
like my mother always says: it's not how much you earn but how much you save. :) you can have a great income but you have to temper your needs so that it can be filled with your means. and this is what success means to me to just have enough and want enough that what you earn is actually enough or more than what you want. :)
• Philippines
3 Mar 08
Thank you for your response. A holy life is highly exalted. Just wondering what life is all about. To find love and to find joy. It is in giving that we receive. How true is the prayer of St. Francis. Yet he live a life of poverty and prayer. The greatness of a soul is when his life is relevant even for centuries to come. He leaves behind a legacy of holiness. Success is not purely on material possessions.
• China
4 Jan 08
Life is a matter of choice,human choosing to be happy or to be sad! I appreciate it very much!