Love Long Distance

January 2, 2008 11:10pm CST
have you ever been make love in long distance???? whats your feels???are you happy..???are you borred...???
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• Indonesia
3 Jan 08
Hmmm long distance. I ever feel it. Me and myhusband is a long distance couple before maried. Sad? yes, Lonely?Sometimes. Bored? Difenetly But all that will dissapear when we meet. with love and trust you all can handle it.
3 Jan 08
I have had one or two long distance relationships. The thing with bein in this situation, at least as far as my personal experience is concerned, is that one is that conscious of making all the precious time that you can spend together as wonderful as possible, that it is easy to overlook faults and issues within the relationship in order not to spoil things. My current relationship is with a woman who actually lives in another country, thankfully it is not too far or expensive to travel to meet. We are both keeping very much in mind that one of us will have to compromise big time, in order for us to develop a long term future we are taking things slowly until we are absolutely sure it is what we both want. Love will find a way...always.
@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
3 Jan 08
ive been in a long distance relationship for 2 years.. my fiance works 2 provinces over from where i am over 2000km from me... we get along great we talk everyday we send pic and video messages over the cell as well... im not bored at all with this man as he is a true and genuwine person that i love and care for deeply... we have trust in eachother to be apart for months on end... yes its not for everyone i will admit that but it works for me
@cherriemae (3375)
• Philippines
3 Jan 08
i had that kind of relationship before..we last for almost a year..he's from Canada and i'm from the Philippines.. i got bored because he's keep on telling me that he will visit me, but then he didnt do, i decided to end our relationship eventhough i really love him..i cried of course..but were friends right now and still we greet each other during holidays and birthdays..