whats your favorite color, and favorite color to wear?

United States
January 3, 2008 11:05pm CST
ok well my favorite color is green but my favorite color to wear is.... every color b/c i always look so dam good, lol. idk i jst like whatever is clean i guess im 19 and a male so yeah anything clean or close to it is good enough for me lol
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• Dominican Republic
4 Feb 08
i dont have a favorite color...but i like those hiphop colors like gray... am i crazy???
• Philippines
4 Feb 08
my favorite colors are pink and purple.. but i dont just wear clothings with those colors.. i love wearing clothes of different shades.. color is not a problem to be since fair skinned are good and looks good on any color..
@babymar (361)
• Philippines
25 Jan 08
my favorite color is blue, but i wear any color of shirt.
• Malaysia
18 Jan 08
my favourite colour is pink and it is also my favourite colour to wear! :D
@bowtieguy (5930)
• United States
6 Jan 08
I wear a lot of white and blue, since those are the colors I look best in, I also like pink and green but not at the same time.
@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
5 Jan 08
Like you, I have a favorite color. My favorite color is read and green. I like green because it is calm to my eyes and it is a color of environment. I like color red because it is a brave color and a color of true love for me.
• China
4 Jan 08
People always dress in different color compared with their favorite one. I like red, but I have to ware black or blue color professional attire because of job requirement. But in non-operating time, I often dress in red and decorate my room with some red thing...
@neknek (250)
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
my favorite color is black and periwinkle.. but i notice that i always wear, black, red or white