January 3, 2008 11:12pm CST
i am undergoing through lot of stress these days. both family and work load. its unbeareable some times and i loose my tempre. i can't tell every thing. please give me some ways to ease myself? i need it realy. .
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@lucas528 (324)
• Northern Mariana Islands
5 Jan 08
First and best thing you need to do is "breathe". Breathe not only in the sense of breathing for air to leave. But in all sense of the word. If you got something you feel like you're fed up and needs to be taken away for a few minutes, hours or days, do it. You need it. Have time for yourself and yourself only. Later on, you will find that you need to talk to your friends, a simple talk would do.
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
Relax... analyze and understand your problems very well then think of things that may lessen the burden. It's no use to be temperamental, that won't help. It's only you who can help yourself the best. Sleep if you can for when wake up, you may feel better. Also read the Holy Bible for it answers all problems. May God bless you.