Do you think people are mad about mobile phones?

@niicks (224)
January 4, 2008 4:52am CST
I agree, people are mad about them. If they, by chance leave the phone at phone, the entire day is horrible for the neighbour. People don't have traffic sense, they talk while driving... not only cars and motorcycles.. now a days.. by cycles too. If you go to meet some one or some one calls on you and the other person's phone rings.. over.. you've no option except to wait like a mook darshak. I remember during my childhood days, there used to be telephone manner taught in schools and colleges... It is more or less the immediate requirement for mobile phone manners. I think the electronic media.. in this matter can do miracles.. in educating our public. Government authorities.. listening?
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@fairyanny (363)
• China
6 Jan 08
Most of the time,I take my cell phone with me.I really want to get rid of it.Although it is so convenient to get in tuch with others,I still donn't get used to it.Because,sometims I just want the others leave me alone,and donn't want others to borther me.
@MANSHAA (324)
• India
6 Jan 08
most of de people r.. but not in my case... am not... i don t like mobiles.. i use dem wen it is required...
@piatos03 (396)
• Philippines
5 Jan 08
We have always thought of mobile phones as a machine to get one message from one person to another. But these days, it is more than that. It is what links us to other people. It does not only give us important messages or remind us of things, but it is also used to connect people together. Humans are social beings. They need to always feel connected with other people at all times. Loneliness makes them feel vulnerable. Receiving a text message can alter a person's mood. Completely change a feeling. Take for example, John Doe is so annoyed at his boss. He can't believe that he was turned down for a promotion once more. He really wants to kill his boss. And maybe he will. But then he gets a message from Jane Doe, this girl he really likes. It makes him happy and lessens the anger. Will he still hold a grudge against his boss? No, not really. And all it took is a message. Mobile phones are so modern these days that you can watch tv, play games and even access the internet through it. Who wouldn't go crazy over it?