Are you supersticious?

United States
January 4, 2008 9:52am CST
I have been raised with a few superstitions, one was you can't wash clothes on New Years; if you do who ever's clothes you wash, won't make it to next New Years! Another one was, if you break a mirror you get 7 years of bad luck. Do you know of any superstitions? and do you really believe in them?
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@CEN7777 (858)
• India
4 Jan 08
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Hi sexysnow72,No New Year is complete without talking about the superstitions and the legends that surround it.It's a popular belief that what we do on the first day of the New Year affects our entire year. Born on 1st of January: It is said that babies that are born on the 1st of January will always have luck and prosperity on their side.Here are some of the most popular ones.e Greet the New Year by making loud noises. Not only would you enjoy doing that, but also it is believed that it scares away evil spirits thus ensuring you have a hassle free New Year. It is a popular belief that the first person that enters your abode indicates and influences the kind of year you will have ahead. It is considered lucky if a tall, dark-haired man sets his foot in your house first thing on the New Year. Such a visitor should be greeted in warmly and treated generously. It is even better if he gets a gift for you. Some of the luckiest gifts include a silver coin, a lump of coal, piece of bread, etc. Blondes and Redheads are supposed to bring bad luck, so keep them away. Also, it is bad-luck if a woman enters your home first, so try to keep them away too, even if that requires not opening the door! The Black Eyed Peas are considered a symbol of good-luck and are usually combined with cabbage or turnip greens, which symbolize money. Hence, eating a combination of Black Eyed Peas and either of the two ensures that you not only have a great prosperous New Year, but also that your digestive system gets cleaned thoroughly! Make sure that you don't pay back loans or lend money to anyone on January 1st. It indicates that you shall be paying all year long and money would be flowing out instead of the other way around.
@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
Yes and I am little bit superticious every time I have a new work and a new activity. I will do it to prevent some bad happening in my life. The one I almost fear is the friday the 13th.