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January 4, 2008 1:40pm CST
Does anyone know the value of cubic zirconia? I have a sterling silvr ring with 9 light blue stones and 6 "clear" diamond like stones. From what I know, cubic zirconia is typically colorless, so I don't know if these stones are something else then. Is there another stone similar to this?
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• United States
4 Jan 08
cubic zirconia comes in all colors. It usually doesn't have a value like a real semi precious gem stone would. If you want an estimate on a piece of jewelry almost any jewelry store should give you one for free.
• United States
5 Jan 08
I could not remember the name of the other stone when I made the post -the other is tanzanite. I actually tried going to a jewlery store jus to see if they could tell me what the stones were in my ring. They said if it wasn't bought there they won't look at it.
• Malta
24 Jan 08
hi, I am not a real expert in jewlry, but i recently started trading in silver, stainless steel and titanium jewelry, so i had to do quite a lot of research. maybe i can give you some tips. Cubic zirconia is closer to diamond than other semi prcious stones and has no real value especially when not fixed to a piece of jewelry. Most common colors are white (transparent) and pink, blue is also common. these replace other precious stones in low budget jewlry. their effect is still pleasurable to the eyes though. prices vary depending on color size and shape. the most common can start from $25 and can go up to $110. but that is selling price from shops. when a shop is buying it from you expect a lower price. have a look here