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United States
January 5, 2008 7:55am CST
Do some of us choose to adopt either pessimistic or optimistic outlooks for successful living?I have a firm belief that I am far too optimistic for my own good. No, I'm not daft. I just do not like to dwell in the negative "what ifs", "I should have", "nothing is ever going to work for me", and of course many others. But a member called me Catatonic because I would not upset him more, nor myself, by wrestling a problem that could not be addressed at that time. I really irritate him with my generally optimistic outlook. And then I thought, "Am I stuffing a volcano of worrying and stress?". Sometimes I really don't think I worry or focus on much more than I really can address. Or I'm fooling myself. Can anyone relate...advice?The reason for the pessimism is easier to understand for me. I believe, holding the worse scenario, allows the worrier the illusion of safety. "If I stay focused, crush myself with the possibilities; then it won't hurt so bad when the horrible, real news hits. Some do this over small issues and not just the big: "what plane is having trouble."But either style can seep into your basic mode of thought, feelings, and behaviors. I did not mean to grab optimism and it does in fact cause some worry as mentioned. Has anyone else noticed their thinking style, how it leaves them feeling, and why you might hold on to it if it is not an attitude that comforts and gives self encouragement?
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