Making A Counter Strike Video

January 5, 2008 1:52pm CST
How do you make a counter strike video aside from typing record "demo name" and stop and playing the demo by playdemo "demo name". After you were to do that how would you format it so you can play it elsewhere on a program that would be able to turn it into a video. Not a lot of people know how to do this.
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• Pakistan
7 Jan 08
There are various software tools available that you can use to record a counter strike game play or any activity that is on your computer screen.The problem is that that most of these tools are demo versions and are only able to record up to few seconds. Very recently I came to know about CamStudio software.What is the most attractive feature in this tools is that it is FREE and it records all videos in avi,swf and other media formats that can be edited afterwards by other video editing tools .There are other features for audio recording as well.You can get a free copy from
@dan20071 (724)
• Romania
6 Jan 08
Here's how I do it: I use HLTV to record on the server I play (for this you only need the server's IP adress to fill it in). Then you start recording in HLTV (just like you do it on the console in cs). Join the game as you always do and just play on. After you exit the game, stop recording with hltv and run your demo in cs. Now you can view every player in the game exactly as it happened. Next, you need some kind of program to record your screen (software like Fraps or Gamecam). You get to the action you want in your demo and start recording by pressing a short-cut key that you assign and end it by pressing the same button. And there you go, your cs footage will be saved as an .avi that you can view in any media player program. This file will be huge so it's good to encode it again with a video converter to save some space. I hope this helped you even a little bit :)