Qualiy of movies

United States
January 5, 2008 10:49pm CST
I believe that many of today's movies have somewhat lost their quality of appeal (as well as orginality) compared to the movies made in the 80's. By this, I mean that many of today's movies are either remakes or derivations of previous movies. What happened to pure originality? I know, of course, since the invention of DVD's and home theater systems, many of the theaters that used to be crowded with hundreds of people per showing are now become less and less. How do you feel about this?
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@bear_cute (124)
• Malaysia
7 Jan 08
Hi friend,i agree with you.off course many of today's movies have somewhat lost their quality.besides that nowdays the movies don't have lesson can take by audience.the movies element many showing about loving and joking.maybe nowdays reduce the people per showing become less and less because want thrifty the budget.
@gem170104 (172)
6 Jan 08
You only have to look at the amount of remakes being made to realise that Hollywood is loosing its imagination some what. Most movies made today are far too long and include action sequences that go on too long and cost millions to make, maybe if they made their action sequences a little shorter the money they won't be spending on special effects could be put towards paying the writers a little more to come up with original and genre creating ideas.
@fanji008 (782)
• China
6 Jan 08
Hi,there! Well,I agree with some of your points.I think there're many movies today are not as good as the ones in the past. But I still would like to watch some movies in the cinema,just like some sound effect movies..... For some common movies,then I prefer to watch at home.I think nowadays we have many other ways to entertain ourselves,so watching movies is not the only thing that is popular with people.Thanks for the discussion and have a nice day^_^ Hopefully there'll be more and more better movies in the future:)
• United States
6 Jan 08
It seems that there are only 5 types of films that are being made. The romantic comedy, the gross out comedy, the horror film,the remake, and the epic love story.Back in the 80's,there were more genres being made. I think it is because the owners of the movie companies are business men that lack vision.When motion picture companies started there were movie people running the companies. These men would follow their instincts and make films that they knew would lose money but the film Needed to be made.Now that takes vision. But if you are only in the movie business to make as much money as you can, you will make a movie that you know will be a hit. And that means you make the same film that was a hit last year.And a film that is geared to a 12 year old boy. Ironically, 12 year olds are playing more video games than going to the movies. And the audience that would turn off the pc and the t.v. and go to the movies is be ignored.
@kenniem (97)
• United States
6 Jan 08
Movies cost so much to go see in the movies especially if you take a family. By the time you pay for a family of 4 and buy popcorn and stuff you have spent atleast $60.00. Atleast with DVD's you can get to see them as much as you want and only spent a third or less of this. I only go to see movies now in the theater when it's some special effects I have to see on the big screen. Dramas and mysteries I don't mind watching at home.