fixing viruses

January 5, 2008 10:52pm CST
I wonder why my computer is still slow. I just got my notebook this yr. It was so fast. I was online and it was very fast,then I didn't know about antiviruses I thought my computer was protected. Then I got a trojan and another one. so now I had several viruses. I finally figured out how to access windows live. It works but then sometimes(98%) it says not responding then I will click turn on firewalls then i click on internet and then close program windows live and all of a sudden windows live is working and so is my firewall. what gives.anyone know? what is my next step to getting my computer working faster .
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• United States
6 Jan 08
Now you see- viruses are a very tricky thing. When an individual obtains a virus, it can be the hardest thing ever to get off completely. One virus comes in, and then before you know it, your computer is almost like a gateway for other viruses, spyware, and adware. I would recommend using McAfee, in conjunction with Windows Defender. When looking out how to truely make your computer run faster- you will get into basically having a whole system overhaul- that is, unless you are running an intel duo core process, or quad core. If you are not running this, then sstart with it. Then build your computer around that particular board.
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@gkurt08 (233)
• Philippines
9 Jan 08
Try downloading free virus scanners on the internet. I use AVG and nortron. If you have mcafee installed, you can download patches from their sites for free. YOu see, as new viruses emerges, their signatures escapes your outdated anti-virus software. The patch that you download from antivirus sites ugrades your software to detect and remove new viruses. Good Luck!
@istanto (8572)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 08
It's look like that virus working on your background or service, that's why you computers slow or sometime not responding you have to stop that virus using some antivirus, try AVG free edition. If you could tell me more details I can assist you clean all those virus.