Technology : Whats its role

January 6, 2008 12:06am CST
Have you all ever wondered what life was before machines were invented. With the evolution of humans came evolution of mind. And with the evolution of mind came evolution of machines. What i am trying to ask is wether today's world is becoming over dependant on machines? People say that machines are more reliable and faster than humans, but they forget a simple fact that it was humans who invented these machines. Of course i am aware of the fact that machines made our lives easier. They help create things that weren't possible by mere human strenght. Today computers have taken over almost all the walks of life. And i am really grateful to the people who started this revolution. But we should not forget that we come from a long line of desendants of people who built Pyraminds, the Taj Mahal and other wonders with their bare hands. But today, i feel we are letting these machines dictate terms to us. We are so dependant on them, i feel that human element is fast diasappearing. What i am trying to say is " Machines were invented to make human lives easier but not to replace them" . Your thoughts?
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