Giving our children a bright future,,,

January 6, 2008 2:10am CST
Planning for a marriage is just the start for having a family, and once you've finished that part, you're now on for a very great deal in your life. For having a family really feels so great, but it is not that easy, especially if you don't have a stable job to sustain for the needs of your family. I'am actually experiencing a bit of sad moment now being a family man, because there are lot of things that I want to give to my two kids and to my wife but sadly I can't afford to give the things from whom I know that would make them happy, but I'am still very thankful that even if I don't a source of income as of the moment, but still we're happy together. I guess despite having financial constrains as of the moment, what makes us happy was because, I don't let my family to get so much attachment to Woldly and Material things, if not we surely are having a big problem now. So for those planning of having their own family,better find a partner that is not materialistic, for you not to have headaches.
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@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
6 Jan 08
Being happy together is the most important-teach them always to appreciate your financial status and let them not wish for what they cannot have in the family-once they appreciate that, teach them hardwork and the strive for academic excellence-let each do what they have inherent capability or talent, dont drive your children into wishful careers, let them follow their hearts, give them moral mentoring too, let them know there is no better wealth than in having integriy and a good name-if they grow with these basic issues I have raised, trust me, the kids will have agood bright future!
• Philippines
6 Jan 08
Thanks a lot for your response,,, Actually and unfortunately, we are living in a country from where our government officials just seemed to work for their own good only, and the reason why I have said this, was because our loved ones and our countrymen leave our country just to look for a greater opportunity in other country in order for them to have and to give their families a bright future. With the present situation we have now in our country, and if you're a kind of a person that doesn't care to anybody, the tendency is you'll become corrupt. Despite this situation we have right now in our coutry, I don't teach my children Negative manners just for them to be on the top. What I'am telling to my children is to be always Fair and Just, no matter how hard it is to have a good life in our coutry, I don't want my children to be doing things that would hurt someone because it is much tastier to eat food coming from an honest way rather than that comes from a corrupt practices.