Do you have any problems you might wanna share? Maybe i can help you...

Zaragoza, Spain
January 6, 2008 7:44am CST
You can't really deny it to yourself...i know there are some of you has some problems that really wants or seek some piece of advice or solutions to his/her problems...maybe, i can help you in this kind of situation...people always say that i'm a good adviser...whenever my friends or some other people who has some problems, they would always seek an advice from me...thank GOD, i can give them advices which best fit for their problems, and by that i did help them in some did help them and they would thank me for having a care to share my advice to, do you have problems you might wanna share to me? with GOD's help, in my own little way, maybe i can help you with those problems that you are facing right now, by giving an advice to you...
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@Madhavee (186)
• India
6 Jan 08
I have no problems but still your discussion is so intruding that I felt like responding. Desire is the root cause of all problems. If one can resist it no one will have problem. What do you think of that. Wish you all the best.
• Zaragoza, Spain
7 Jan 08
hello there to U...thanks for responding and for giving your own views regarding on my topic...i got your point...but in my own point of view, you really can't avoid having problems in your life...even a little detail in your life, i know there's still problems you may encounter in your everyday living...but as for you, i think you're an optimistic person, who thinks positive in all even if problems may arise in your life, you still think, act, and stay positive...and that's a good thing, good for you...have a blessed day ahead of U...stay positive as you are right now...may GOD BLESS U & UR family always!!!