_silentlearner®_'s Ultimate Shrine keeps on grwowing...

January 6, 2008 8:11am CST
All of my site seems to be properly growing on their way.. Way to go silentlearner,, by the way, I have currently five (5) blogs hosting by bloggers, wordpress, and g-blogs. Now, here's the links: _silentlearner®_'s Ultimate Shrine Official Blog: http://silentlearner-silentlearner.blogspot.com/ _silentlearner®_'s Ultimate Downloads Shrine: http://downloads-silentlearner.blogspot.com/ mah WordPress: http://silentlearner.wordpress.com/ -- still undergoing some updates.... Your Music, Your Videos, Your Lyrics, Your Downloads..: http://music-videos-lyrics-downloads.blogspot.com _silentlearner®_ on G-Blogs: http://g-blogs.com/silentlearner Hope for new blogs, I find a hard time on monitizing those blogs I made. But soon it will give the internet world a lot of informations that can help surfers and advertisers. So, probably I'm working on my next informative blog on Gaming world... Thank you for reading mah discussion. 'til next time. _silentlearner®_
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