Is online chat more popular than face-to-face conversations? Why?

January 6, 2008 2:55pm CST
I realise convenience plays a large role in it, but I personally like the fact i have longer to think about replies, I needn't see someones facial reaction to something I might say, and i'm not as anxious about the constant need to have a flowing conversation. I think its a shame though, and its not particularly doing anything for my social skills, I had a university interview which i messed up spectacularly because of nerves and a lack of face-to-face conversations. I seriously need to get out more. But hey, thats what univeristy is for right? Anyway! I take you back to my initial question: Is online chat more popular than face-to-face conversations? Why?
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@karan1563 (428)
• United States
10 Jan 08
In face to face conversations , people have a fear of rejection and shyness and other fears . But in chatting , its very easy .Even if someone rejects u , they still havent seen ur face . so its easy to start conversation in chatting . in face to face the main thing to become friends is to break the initial ice , which is the hardest to do , in chatting there is no such thing .
@Fidget (291)
10 Jan 08
I chat a lot with my friends online an awful lot but that's because I have just moved away to an area with very few people my age round here. When I was living with and near friends I still used online chat an loads but that was lazyness and usually late at night. Overall, I preferd face to face conversations. Uni is a very good place to expand your social skills, though beware of internet in rooms and ending up chatting to your neighbours online!
@eyewitness (1577)
• Netherlands
7 Jan 08
I think you can tell someone you're okey but in fact you're crying so they will leave you alone. Also like you said you can think longer about replies and you don't have to talk back when you don't want to speak with someone.So that's why it must be popular.Also because no one can read your discussions and no one can hear you.
@cristi12 (378)
• Romania
7 Jan 08
Well put it this way: how may conversations you have face to face versus how how many you have online. Personally the last few days, my online activity clearly outwheighs face to face conversations. But like you said... tomorrow i'm starting college again, so that should get me out of my shell. :)
@deeeky (3668)
• Edinburgh, Scotland
7 Jan 08
People find that they can talk to strangers than they can to thier relatives and it has always been that way. Plus you can tell the type of person that they are by the way that they they put thier minds to words rather that expressions. Have a nice year from deeeky.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
7 Jan 08
LATELY, it has become a boom because it somehow saves time to travel, and money to spend just to get to know someone. :) But then again nothing beats the impact of a face-to-face conversation.
@xuyuting (72)
• China
7 Jan 08
of course online chat more populer than face-to-face conversation.i think that is because of chat online are more different than face-to-face,and it is more exciting ,people can lie on line.can play different roles on line.some people are very conversable on line.
@newfette (340)
• Canada
7 Jan 08
It depends on your lifestyle. My mother is barely online, has only learned how to use the internet over the past few years. She is still working everyday, so she has many more face-to-face conversations than online chat. However, I am a stay-at-home I don't get to chat with people at work. I hardly get to go out and if I do it's usually just to go to Walmart and pick up more formula or diapers. So my avenue of staying connected with the world is the internet. I'm also part of that generation where I remember being one of the first to use the internet. haha funny saying that out loud. It makes me feel so old. Anyhow. I have family and friends all across Canada and messenging systems is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch. So yes... It is a matter of convenicence, however, it's much more your lifestyle that determines whether you have more online chat or more face to face convos!
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
6 Jan 08
I say for some chatting and online conversations are becoming more popular than face to face conversations. Some people have problems with shyness, people, conversations... but interestingly, the internet eliminates a lot of this (primarily through anonymity and lack of physical connection). The same reasons one encounters internet "trolls" all over the net... the net allows a person to be 120% of themselves or a completely different person, and not much can prevent it. In real life, its really you and that can be a detriment to people with the problems I described. Even more "normal" people could have problems with conversations too, if they get use to online conversations more than the real deal.