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January 7, 2008 9:22pm CST
Yes, there is going to be a movie and it is almost complete. There was a trailer release on October 22nd of 2007. Is everyone as excited about this as I am? Although I have an undercurrent of fear. I mean what happens if the movie suX? I grew to love all of these characters it would be horrible for the movie to mar that. The trailer is on the official site:
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23 Mar 08
Im really disappointed with what I saw in the trailer movie. Man, Come on! These are good books and you make something as hideous as that? Hope they make a LOTR style of movie for Dragonlance. There is a video in youtube about characters for a dragonlance movie. just search it guys. I have to agree of "some" of his/her choices.
@shattered (1731)
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27 Jan 10
Wow! this is an old thread! last post was two years ago and I just recently watched the CGI enhanced Cartoon... Would have preferred a "live" version... though it would seem that the Chronicles would take more than 4 IMAX movies ala Avatar just to do it justice!
• Malaysia
7 Feb 08
I've seen the movie and as a Dragonlance reader, I'd have to say I was very disappointed with how it turned out. The animaton looked cheap and outdated like something from the old He-Man series. The dragons were too 3D rendered and didn't blend in with the rest of the animation. Some details of the books were also different. For a novel series as successful as Dragonlance, I simply felt that they could have done better. I'm sure many avid readers of the series are also disappointed. :(
• United States
25 Jan 08
Wow! I had no idea! Just watched the trailer and it looks really awesome. I am going to have to try and find it on DVD the next time I go to the video store.