Where are we heading?

January 8, 2008 4:41am CST
Its been a long time since i was born. But I don't know life's truth as yet. I have been studying for 19 years. I am at college. But what i don't figure out is "Are we doing what we are supposed to do?" Once I complete college, I will start working, then get married, buy houses, cars, raise children, die of old age. This civilized world, as we call it, building houses n buildings in blocks..We live n die. I don't want to be one of them. I know many are out their, thriving to get their feelings out. Please help me out of this Trauma.
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
9 Jan 08
I don't think that anyone will ever know life's truth, and I personally don't believe that there's a secret behind life. Life is life. There's nothing more to it, unless you'd like to describe life with karma or any other similar concept. It will work, but it won't show you the whole picture. Sure, life was redefined a long time ago which took away our individuality and "uniqueness". Now we can only be a part of the crowd whether we wanted it or not. We can't really stick out of the rest without being alienated and avoided. If we were still living in the Middle ages we would be burned like witches. The only thing we can differ from others is by social status, music genres, clothes, looks and similar. But if we differ from one group then we belong to some other group, right? And, as you know already, there is always someone who hates something you like. There's always another group that hates your group. I know, maybe I strayed away from the topic here, but what I'm saying is: you can always try and be yourself but most people won't "allow" it. Word gets around, people influence each other and you'll probably end up alienated, forgotten and ignored. Life is tough but fair. I personally believe that life is about three things: Live, survive and die. And as we all know, if you want to survive you have to "fit in" with something. That's what I do, I try to fit in. But I can't. I differ too much from the rest, so I have to pretend I'm not me. As I said, life is tough but fair. Do good things and good things happen, do bad things and bad things happen - that's the concept of karma and I like to use it while living life to the fullest.
• South Korea
9 Jan 08
you've been born to see the mistery of life,make use your time as what you have becuse our time here is so preciuse,what youre doing now is a part of your destiny,just relax and enjoy becuse you cannot bring back the past you might regret.goodluck to you