Who might have hacked my e-gold can anyone tell me??

January 8, 2008 8:24am CST
It so happened yesterday that i went to e-gold.com by clicking the correct link: https://www.e-gold.com/ and after seeing the 128 bits SSL lock i logged into my account. I checked the balance and it was $10.30. Then i decided to transfer the funds to my another e-gold account and clicked the option 'spend'. Now you all know that when we want to make a spend we have to type the account number of the person to whom we want to send the money, type the amount, mention the type of currency dollars, euro etc and then we have click 'preview' or 'cancel' and only when we click 'preview' it goes to the next option 'CONFIRM'. But surprisingly when i clicked 'spend' straightaway it took me to the last option 'CONFIRM'. I did not type the a/c no,amount etc. I was shocked and so immediately i closed the website and came out of it without even logging out. Today morning when i logged in to the site i was once again shocked to see the balance 'ZERO' instead of $10.30 and not only that i 'm unable to check even the 'transaction history' to see who stole my money. So this incident raises the following questions: 1. Is e-gold safe becoz i took all precautions to go to the correct e-gold site and so none can blame me. 2. How cud the hacker loot my money when the site has SSL 128 bits lock. 3. Was it a work of the employees of e-gold as i have heard many such stories about e-gold getting hacked? 4. How to take precautions in future? Can anyone answer these questions in the larger interest of all mylotters who use e-gold so that we can be extra careful or should we dump e-gold forever.
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@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
8 Jan 08
You could check with the e-gold admin and find out what happened to the money, the transaction... I never believe in e-gold....Heard of too many incidents of hacked accounts as well as phising scams....
• India
8 Jan 08
I'll check with the e-gold admin but i know they wont respond to my query. But still i'll try.
• Cambodia
14 Jan 08
Why would they never respond? Did you try ?