does machester unite have a defencive technique rather than pleasing audience???

January 8, 2008 9:21am CST
I THINK STRONGLY THAT MAN UNITED IS JUST LOOKING FOR VICTORIES 1!!!this is just by defensing and scoring a late goal..they dont even try for one in the first half... thy should leave this habit and score at least 5 goals per game!!!!
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• Cameroon
9 Jan 08
Well jay, its the way we interpret whats on paper that makes them seem so and the fact that they have at present adefence that has conceeded the least number of goals. However, with the second highest number of goals scored and a 2nd place rating in the premiership, I dont beleive they are a defensive team ! What I think is going on, is that we are expecting more than enough from them at the moment and thats not an easy challenge.