How 2 make good friends???

January 8, 2008 10:43am CST
how can we make good frenz... Give ur opinion!!!
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• India
8 Jan 08
well friendship is a matter of choice and mental rapport from both the sides. while there is give and take in friendship it is like any other relationship - requiring nurturing
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
8 Jan 08
I totally agree with this. I mean, you meet a certain stranger you interact a little, you will find something about the stranger, and with consistent interaction you then realize that you are friends. As friends, you take good care of the relationship regardless of the differences. :)
• Canada
1 Feb 08
Good friends are very rare but valuable for our sense of self. They sometimes can be opposites of our beliefs but we have open minds and accept eithers side of opinions. Being there when it matters, listening when we need an ear, sharing and caring would totally sum it up. We all need friends they make our self worth complete. Either one or many "Good friends are our daily prayers and extension of family." They don't care what our house looks like they just want to see you. They remember little things that we need in times of happiness or grief or just "being there."
@fairyanny (363)
• China
10 Jan 08
form the same interests,habits,and just share the things happen around you with your future friend.I think that will work.
• United States
8 Jan 08
How to make a good friend is to look for one first.... good friends don't just fall out of the sky... usually!! meet people of course.... see what kind of values that meet your standards... Challege your friends ( see what kind of caring person they are deep down inside) Be open people from different countries and know what kind of values and morals that they share on having good friends) Test yourself and your friend... (will they sacrifice for you as much as you sacrifice for them?) In my opinion a good friend should be along the lines as your family... supportive, loving, loyal, reponsive, understanding, concerned, active in your life.