Do you think Money can buy happiness??

United States
January 8, 2008 8:48pm CST
Not sure... Alot of ppl with money seem happy though!
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@chigawaga (593)
• Canada
10 Jan 08
welli can def be happy wihtout money but it does help cause when your not stressing about paying bills and the morgage your alot happier then havign to stress and be grumpy about it!but money def doesnt come unless u work hard and go through all that stress to achieve it but it makes it all the worthwhile!
• Philippines
10 Jan 08
Hi there again philly_9112003! It is shameh right here again searching for some interesting topics in your site. Well, for me, I guess money could anything but not really happiness. I know what you mean when you say that people are happy with money. Practically, yes of course, because money could buy any material thing here on earth. Yet, as they say, BEST THINGS ARE FREE. So I still would say that money can't buy happiness, just amusement. Cheers!
• United States
9 Jan 08
Send me some money and I'll let you know :)
@n3op66 (45)
• Cyprus
9 Jan 08
Happiness is not sold. You ACHIEVE it! People with money have the opportunity to afford many material things which THE THINK that make them happy... in reality, as seen not only on movies but also in real life, "rich people" many times feel lonely and unhappy even if they TRY to show the opposite. with money u also DO NOT make friends...! Money is only a method of gaining some power nowadays, but the power of friendship, love, happiness is hidden in the secret footpath og galaxy...