$music evertime for youth--good or bad.........$

January 9, 2008 3:08am CST
musicis a very good hobbey to have.but now-a-days,this hobbey is addicted to the youngstars and are thinking that they cannot live without it.many people mainly students are becoming lazyby listening to music everytime and every second.if their parents say to read,they would make their parents agree to read by listening to music.youth doesnt matter to complete a lesson in their subjects but they matter a lot to hear a nowly released album. but,iam not saying to bann listening to music.im just telling to listen upto a restricted time and utilise the lefttime to study and make your parents and wellwishers happy.......... thank you for giving this chance to communicate with you.......
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• India
9 Jan 08
hahahaa..i guess its the requirement of the age..they are very brisk and to keep up with their energy they need need music.why 6 years back when i was in college even i was addicted to music but then things change..and everybody tend to change..so music is very much associated with youth as music is energy.
13 Jan 08
Good music has never been a bad one...it becomes bad when u r noisy and becomes much noisier that u r disturbing people out of their concentration.