January 9, 2008 4:12pm CST
I bought the grandmother'house and i putting down. The tenant of the next house does not want that i do because he used the wall of the convicted"house to do some precarius rooms for child( there runs a child'school) and If i break the wall (it is in my land and was the home my grandmother and mother)He will be without the halls wall. That happened in June/2007. Later he ask me to wait december (vacance) ..Ok.. waited. In december...he came herein my house and asked hurry in demolition that had remained. I find a worker and already paid for demolition. But..when my employee began the service..the tenant neighbour has been invaded my groung, toppled a piece of the wall and said would use my material( i have contruction'material because i intend to build a new house there). I said NO!!..Afterthat.. i not had peace . Now he says that does not i build anything .he says will go to Justice and banned. He also said he knew that dont win but i wanted to prevent me . He said: it to 4 years and i not be more there..and you( me) could not even build. But... a few minutes ago the his'employee spoke to my employee to demolish.... Has he changed idea again??? If i overthrow( the wall is mine) is that it..then.. will not say he does not change idea and i did for evil.??? WHAT POISON YOU RECOMMEND THATI USE ..THEN??? lolololo
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