I chose the money making blog.

United States
January 9, 2008 10:54pm CST
If you read one of my earlier post, you know that I have been offered the chance to author and promote a blog for someone else and get paid for it. I had the choice of 3 blogs. I chose the one about the money making blogs. So now I am going to review some other money making blogs to post about on the blog I am getting paid to moderate. If you would like me to consider your blog for a future post, please let me know. I will take note of it and get to it in the future. You will have to visit my blog regularly to see if I posted about your blog since I am sure I won't be able to notify each and everyone of you. I will post a link to the blog I am moderating on my own personal blog. I don't want to change my link on my profile page so that is the easiest way I can tell people to get to the other blog. and thanks for everyones support.
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