That one lost love...

January 10, 2008 2:59pm CST
Have you ever missed out on a chance to date a person? What happened? Did you ever end up together? Two years ago I broke up with an ex of mine, Adam. (who i am still great friends with!). There was a guy in one of my classes that year that I had been growing really close to, Josh. (I met him the year before.) Josh and I became closer and closer towards the end of my relationship with Adam. We could clearly see we liked each other. SO Adam and I broke up. I asked my friend Zoe to ask Josh to wait a month before asking me out. (I didn't want to jump into another relationship right away.) Well, he didn't wait. he asked out someone else instead. I ended up with my now current ex, Brad. By the time Josh broke up with his girlfriend I was taken. HE told me at the end of the year that the biggest mistake he's ever made was to not wait for me. By the beginning of the next school year, he was dating this girl named Emily. It seems no matter what we did, we can never be together. Is it fate? or just bad timing? Even now I wish I was with him, but I don't think I ever will be...
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10 Jan 08
:( ryan ann!! Poor thing ... I did not know any of this! Is he with another girl now? If not, SNAG HIM UP!!!! lol if not, wait for him ... I waited for a guy last year -- dumb i know ... haha but maybe your situation will turn out for the better unlike mine did ... but now i have chase and am happy with how things turned out soooo =) smile! everything happens for a reason!!
10 Jan 08
yah i know...I've liked this guy forever. You know i was dating brad and all...but i've always liked josh. I'd still date him in a heartbeat, but he is still dating that stuck up, snobby, selfish, B**** named emily....:(