Dfficulties caused by Email in the work

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January 11, 2008 1:41am CST
When Diane Darling's frustrated email exchange with a co-worker in Australia was inadvertently passed on to a boss, she found herself in the CEO's office. "He handed me a copy of my email and said,'I just want to know your thoughts on this,'" recalls Ms Darling, who had critiqued her manager. "It's something you hope happens in your 20s. Heaven help you if you do that later in your career!" Darling wasn't fired but left the company shortly afterward. Several days ago, I read this story on a magazine. Darling is so careless,fortunately, the CEO is magnanimous. Many employees have learned the dos and don'ts of emai in the hard way. Some workers get tripped up by email etiquette, or netiquette. Do you have this kind of experiences? or your friends or colleagues encountered it?
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