The worst PC you ever had?

Crashing PC - Sometimes I would love to beat my PC down so much that it would look like this.
@BooZzZ (139)
January 11, 2008 5:36am CST
Hey,So what is the worst Computer you ever had? Mine would be Pentium II (State of the Art when I bought it) which just kept crashing.. I went back to the store with it five times before they gave me a new one..
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• China
11 Jan 08
oh,that's a terrible summer and I got a old computer from a teacher.I can't forget that it needed 15 minutes to start before I can do any operation on it.And if I do something in my Word and at the same time I play with my oicq,the machine will be slow.
@BooZzZ (139)
• Netherlands
11 Jan 08
Hehe Yeah, I also remember stuff like that... PC's that start up so slowly that you can watch a movie, make tea, run for president and read five books.. And your PC was still making odd noises and not started up xD
@wilmpie (147)
• Belgium
11 Jan 08
my worst pc must be my first pc i brougt off my money i needed to replace aevery part off it including mother board in a timeoff a year, it wass a secend hand pc