study abroad

@qoowdl (36)
January 11, 2008 11:09am CST
what do you think of study abroad? do you want to study abroad? why or why not?
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@n3op66 (45)
• Cyprus
11 Jan 08
studying abroad is a risk.. if you are a person who likes new life styles, then you will love it, otherwise a person with different beliefs/motives will fall in deep depression. it depends also on the lifestyle somebody had until now. If a person never came close to somebody else from a different origin, then he might be scared learning the new surrounding environment. in general, studying abroad can expand person's trust and help him get involved in an entire community with a large number of races. You can learn the history, tradition and many other useful things, not only of the place you are studying, but also of many other. to sum up, the opportunity of studying abroad is something that a person has to decide by himself and if he accepts that risk, he will probably have a very good time. oh.. i forgot to mention before that, getting close to many races, helps the person in the future to accept all people form all socioeconomic status levels of society!
11 Jan 08
I think studying abroad would be very positive for the right person. If it's a country in which you study the language it would of course be obvious but I think it would be weird to study somewhere, on a course in your own language, an international college perhaps, somewhere where the native language you don't speak would be quite pointless. You learn much more from foreign environments but it may well be over-whelming.
• China
25 Feb 08
i want to study abroad. i do not go abroad and i am interested in the culture and the lifestyle outside.i want to make friends with foreigners.
@tmamtse (33)
• Australia
26 Jan 08
Studying abroad is just like an adventure and I am experiencing now. I have serious homesick at the very beginning but now I don't even want to go home as I have my own home and friends in this place. The living style in hometown is no longer suitable for me but sadly to say that I have to go home 6 months later. The experiences make myself more independent and I now understand how hard it is to maintain everything. So I have no regrets on making the decision.
• India
11 Jan 08
well i think its a gr8 ida not only u can c new people but also get to kno their culture its gr8 way to gain wisdom n also to get knowledge side by side. the best part is that u can gain a lot which may not b available at ur place n according to me it is d best way to c d world