I would like to tell you about a singer I like.

United States
January 11, 2008 11:33pm CST
One of my favorite singers is Aselin Debison. She sings with so much heart. She is from Nova Scotia. (I am sure that I mispelled that.lol) Here are a few songs you really should check out if you have limewire or something like that. Farewell to Nova Scotia - She was 8 when she recorded this one The Island - she was 12 when she recorded this one Moonlight Shadow Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful world medley I think that she is like 17 or 18 right now and I do not like the new stuff that she sings. But those first 2 songs, she done such a good job being so young. She has a very strong voice. See, I was watching PBS one night a few years ago, and they had this late night special thing on for like a tribute to Nova Scotia, and she sang on there and every since she has been one of my favorites. So check her out if ya like and tell me what you think of her.
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