Why do people use other people

@garnet80 (354)
January 12, 2008 1:16am CST
I don't get it. Why do people use other people. I'm dating a man at the moment and have had enough. I want to end the relationship because I feel used. I'm a sole parent and don't work as my child is too young for me to want to be away from him. He works but never ever seems to have any money. If we go anywhere I always seem to be the one who has to pay due to him having no money. He never helps out with groceries even though he eats at my place a lot and the place he's living at now he doesn't pay rent even though he's meant to. And he never seems to pay his bills or else he's behind on them. Plus I feel that he's lieing to me a bit. Do you think I'm wrong wanting to break the relationship off?
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@nandans (1161)
• India
12 Jan 08
Survival of the fittest.. To compete among each other in a practical world, people use other people..
12 Jan 08
It's been really true in the society that we can't avoid people who r cheater....people who take advantage against others are usually those who r less fortunate...but i can only say that u can't be use f u r not going to used...let us b wise enough! F u r really in love with the person then that's not the bases in breaking the relationship instead think in how yourself is going well and who shares and who didn't share...n my opinion, the person u r trying to be with never exactly loves u n it's a must to break with him...