Black nazarene

January 12, 2008 3:11am CST
I was watching the television and one news got my attention it was a feast of Black nazarene in Quiapo Manila so many devoties were there to celebrate the feast of Black Nazarene many filipinos coming in differents towns, provinces and even from other country were there to give Thanks, Hope in different needs. So many people walking barefooted, touching the ropes, throwing hand towel to wipe in the statue of Black Nazarene they say it was miraculous went you do that it will heal the sick. Many of us were showing our faith to jesus and it was very nice for our faith if we really show it. Many people there were hurt and some were died just to go there and celebrate their faith with Jesus. When I was watching it on television I was so touch that many catholic were really there for there faith and they say that many were just hoping that this is the only way to survive the hard life that they have to have faith in jesus christ nothing it wrong with that. It's true we must hold on to our faith with God because this is the right way to do as a servant of God but as the News were going on I've notice that there are people that is really doing wrong they were using that event to do wrong things pick pocketing, cheating other people, and many more. And I ask why they do that? Do they not afraid to God that they taking advantage of the Big Event. OOhhh how I wish that they were there for their faith not in the evil things they want to do. When I saw the Black Nazarene passing by my heart really jump with JOY I was only watching the television how much more when are really there in front of him....
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