When has it gone to far??

United States
January 12, 2008 5:01pm CST
My sister is w/ this guy who treats her real bad. He puts her down and makes her feel like she is nothing. She's tried leaving him but he always threatens her. We helped her get a restraining order on him and gave her and her kids a place to stay til she could get on her feet. She ended up going bak to him. I also wanna add she's pregnant w/ another baby. She does drugs and won't stop to even save her baby. Everytime we try to help her she always ends up making us wish we hadn't. She's always asking for help w/ money, food, or sumthing. But everytime we do it's like she 'll take it but end up stayin w/ him. Even when she knows she's in a bad situation. Do we stop helpin her? Do we try to continue to try and get her to realize he's a bad guy?
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@enbrown (282)
• United States
12 Jan 08
It is hard to see someone you care about with someone that doesn't treat them well. Have you ever seen the show Intervention? It is pretty good. She must really love this guy if she stays with him or else she is afraid she won't find anyone better? I guess sad to say she has to want to help herself. If you snap on her about it you will just push her away.
• United States
12 Jan 08
yea it really is. but she doesn't really wanna be with him. yea i hav a lil bit. we try not to snap on her. but it get frustrating. esp when we want her to come visit and she won't b/c of him
@dienutza (449)
• Romania
13 Jan 08
i think that you should stop trying to tell her that it`s wrong what she`s doing because this is without any lease...have you seen that she`s rejecting any help from you?...and everything that you do for her is from your soul and the big love for her and everything that she do is yelling at you and being so careless...i think it`s a lost case and you should let it go and you should resign oneself to her....i`m sorry...