Long Distance Relationship

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January 12, 2008 6:22pm CST
Long distance is always hard, and I'm completely new at, but I've heard through the grapevine it is even harder for gay couples. Given the relationship is two hormonally active boys that are 20, it seems to spell trouble. I would adore and love suggestions about how two guys can successfully have a long distance relationship. We won't see each other for about ten weeks at all, and although I'm already excited about seeing him, I'm worried about the relationship. And I think that worry is expected. Help would be appreciated.
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@merrydew (60)
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13 Jan 08
Thanks for the friend add and the best response for the Hillary discussion. Good luck with your long distance relationship. I don't really have any suggestions, other than staying in communication via phone, internet, or whatever, as much as possible. Problems might arise through fear, uncertainty and doubt if you are out of contact for too long. I wonder whether the problems of a long distance relationship are very different for gay couples than straight couples. Probably age will make a difference - younger people are perhaps less committed, or maybe just feel they have more options. I don't know - I'm neither gay nor particularly young. :) At least you seem to have a very mature and 'wise beyond your years' attitude, which has to be helpful in maintaining your relationship (sorry if that sounds too condescending). I hope your partner has the same attitude.
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14 Jan 08
What a compliment to call me 'wise beyond my years', merrydew. :) I do appreciate it. Well, I've lasted about a week and a half so far - and I am decidedly committed. I have already begun to plan my next trip to see him (over Spring Break), and I've realized that seems to help my loneliness, because I know I have something to look forward to. I think it would be different if the period of time apart was unknown. It would make me a thousand times more anxious. Thanks again! - Matthew
2 Jun 08
I'm a gay guy and the long distance thing has never worked for me. I just cant do it. Not becuase I dont like the person it just becasue when I'm with someone I actually want to be with them not miles away. I've never cheated on anyone, becuase i'm not like that if i'm with someone i'm loyal to them no matter how far away they are. But i find that i just cant be with someone who lives too far away.