Funny incidences

January 12, 2008 10:21pm CST
Hey folks, lets share the hilarious things happened in our childhood or for that sake in any part of our "life". I have many to share, among them this one is the first to my knowledge which remember. It was in my 4th grade, when i was walking in corridor towards my classroom and saw one of my classmate walking for the same. I made quick steps to reach her before we could make to the class. And i had a very bad habit of pinching cheeks... yes u getting right, i made those quick steps to pinch her cheeks and exactly at the entrance of the class i made it to her and pinched her cute cheeks and got settled on my chair. In no time, i got "ONE TIGHT SLAP" from the same girl.. It's been years now, but i cant forget that scene. It is right in my eyes. Those were the best days of my life............
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@luanakent (795)
• Brazil
13 Jan 08
It is to have good memories.. and adolescence , generally, is the best. lololol
• India
13 Jan 08
I would want you to share few of them, moments which u really loved thinking of or moments which made ur stomach pain with laughter while talking to your friend about old days on some weekend.. Anything for that sake.. Any moment which u really cherished...
• India
15 Jan 08
What dumb thing the doctor did. If i would been the doctor, i would have started working on what i understood.. he he hhe he eh.. People would have thought you nuts for singing so.. I was imagining and broke with laughter..