Making Lesson Plans Preference - Detailed or Semi Detailed?

United States
January 13, 2008 1:53am CST
Are you a teacher, an intern of a teaching profession? What kind of lesson plan do you usually make everyday? What do you think is best - a detailed or a semi-detailed one. When I was in college, during my internship, we were required to write our lesson plans in detailed. Even answers yes or no are included as well as the response or I may see possible responses of the students. But I can't see any sense about it. We cannot guarantee that the procedures in a detailed lesson plan can always be followed. We cannot always guarantee that your questions will be answered the same as what you have written in the lesson plan because Some students respond differently. Writing a detailed lesson plans is just a big haste for a teacher, time consuming and would sometimes make the teacher ineffective. Because she cannot elaborate topics according to how the class goes, he/she will always follow the lesson plan she has made.