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city bus - commuters and city buses
@subathra (3519)
January 13, 2008 5:32am CST
It is observed that it has been a regular practice as soon as the city buses come to the halt make the passengers get down and help the passengers to get in. But it is now as soon as the bus stops before the passengers get down the passengers who want to get in are trying to get into the bus disallowing or obstructing the passengers to get down. As a result the bus has to stay long time and also it is difficult to take the bus without unloading the passengers. Some time the passengers who are down through their baggage or any other belongings to reserve the seats. This is also another obstrucle for the passengers to get in and get down.The strange part of it is the driver and conductor just keep silence as if they down know what is happening in their bus. If the drivers and conductors are smart enough they can make understand the passengers how to get down and how to get in an orderly manner or the official concern must wait in the bus halt and make the passengers come in the queue. when the passengers get down from the bus they can allow the passengers to get in. Further more they should not overload the buses to inconvenience the passengers and also make room for the pickpockets to play their games.
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@rb200406 (1825)
• India
22 Jan 08
Actually day by day people are becoming more & more restless.They have no time to wait.Thats why here people here in Mumbai comes down from one side & enters into the bus from one side towards the driver.So driver knows that when all the people has gone down & conducter is there in the back door checking the incoming people.
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
16 Jan 08
Hi Suba u potray the pic of public/city transport very elaborating i can say its more to public/passenger then to Driver/conductor. as when bus come to stop then We Passengers are so impatience then we want to rush in to get the seats. may be the next route is late or buses are short, many reasons but mostly its due to hurry and impatience of passengers. if we as nation discipline ourselves then i am sure we ourselves will be benefitted by it, we can get it and get out of transport decently and in less time. overloading, same if we dont embark in transport hen its full then overloading will be less, but again what if number of vehicles are less, next bus comes late, time is short then we prefer standing inside the bus rather than bus stop. so we have to look at all aspects and both public and gov work togather to have better quality of life Take care
@subha12 (18453)
• India
14 Jan 08
Hi, I think this is a very bad practice in India. In my city, it is even worse. the busses try to overtake each other and thus do not allow passengers to get down properly. While taking passengers, they wait unnecessary but while getting down, it seems they just don't care whether the person has got down or not. Thus there had been many accidents in my city.It is proving very dangerous day by day.
@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
13 Jan 08
Hi, This situation reminds me when one of my friend from Texas in US came to visit our place and I took him in local bus during the rushy hours. After we were talking he commented that the major cities of India are like jungle those who are strong and fittest survive here. The buses in their place has only a driver and when each person enters he has put the money in the box and take the ticket and get seated no hurry bury. Also in order to avoid rushes there are other transportation facilities like sky buses, good taxi services, and so. As seen in your discussion which are mostly of local situations I hope India has the resources but do not know how to use it in proper way actually there is a proverb God will not give stick to those who know how to use it" this in our local language Malayalam. Few times whenever I came to Chennai I used twice bus service but I got down only in the stations but I could see those rushes in between especially during the peak hours. As long as all those outdated leaders prevail and rule these are always to predicted. Hope there will be effective progress in India soon.