Why doesn't pregnancy go as planned?

United States
January 13, 2008 9:44am CST
So I was due to deliver my son on Jan 10th but he decided not to show up. I saw the doctor on jan 11th and he said my blood pressure was a little high and that I was only dilated 2 cenimeters and the baby hasn't dropped. Because I have a heart condition he was going to give me until Monday and if I didn't have the baby then I have to go in for a stress test and he is going to see if he can induce labor either Monday or Wednesday. Well its Sunday and I am still pregnant and not feeling any labor pains or anything. My problem is that my mother is my labor coach and she has to have major oral surgery done Wednesday that she can't put off because she needs all of her teeth pulled and the infection in her teeth is affecting her heart. So here I am worried about who is going to be there for me when I have this baby and worried about her going into surgery Wednesday because everytime she gets surgery she ends up with an infection and has to be put in the hospital. The whole thing is a mess. I want to have my son so bad but he is being stubbon about coming out and I don't want to go through this alone. I mean my brother said that he would be there but he is the type that will probably pass out. Don't even ask about the sperm donor because he hasn't returned my calls and doesn't seem to be concerned.
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@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
16 Jan 08
oh dear so sorry to hear about this. especially about the fact that mr sperm donor can't care less! nothing to say about men like that. glad to hear that you decided to go through with having this child though. It's been three days since you posted, so I'm not sure whether you've already induced the baby. Hope that things are going well with you and that you managed to get your mom to the hospital. all the best to you and your new little one. Hang in there, everything will be alright soon.
@artemis432 (7474)
• Abernathy, Texas
14 Jan 08
My son was the same - way late. I had had low blood pressure for my entire pregnancy - like way way - then it shot up 20 points and they felt with some other symptoms I may have pre-eclampsia and ran tests and put me on house arrest and chained me to the bed - basically. Then they finally had to make a date to induce me. It was scary - baby didn't like the ptocin and I was in labour for the entire weekend but I got through it and now he's a year old. Sound frustrating -I'm with sissy though, see if a friend can't be there - a friend of mine asked if she could be there she really wanted to be - she and my husband had to hold my legs because although I planned for a very natural birth after about 15 hours hard labour from the pitocin - I asked for the shot in the spine. Used to be generations ago, women had to go through this alone, the doula in our class said many women were chained to the bed. Glad those days are over. I hope you and your mom are through this very soon. Everything will work out as it should, good luck!
@thedster (18)
• United States
14 Jan 08
Due dates aren't set in stone, they're a rough estimate. Pregnancy is considered at term anywhere between 38-42 weeks, with the latest average delivery date being something like 41 weeks, 2 days. You *could* have a whole more week to go! Mine were born at 41 weeks and 41 weeks 3 days, which is what runs in my family. And the stress you're dealing with can keep you from going into labor. Try to relax, don't worry about how many cm you are, all of that can change so quickly. And good luck!
@garnet80 (354)
• Australia
14 Jan 08
Children never do what you want them to do. Your little one is jsut starting earlier then most lol. If your blood pressure is up I thought that they would have put you in hospital to monitor you and the baby. Do you have any close friends or family that could come in. Or could you talk to your doctor about inducing you early so that your Mum can be there will you. By the sounds of it apart from her being your support I think you will both be disappointed if she isn't there with you. But definitely ask your doctor about getting in early for inducing.
• United States
14 Jan 08
Babys are stubbern. My friend went over 2 weeks. By the time she had him she was mad for being pregnet longer. LOL She loves that babay thoe. I'd try to get induced monday so your mom can be there. Things will work out. Even thoe you dont think. But when things get worked out, do let us all know. Were all here for you.
13 Jan 08
Just like other people said, do you have a friend or another family member that is willing to go with you? I have to be induced everytime early, because of problems in past pregnancies that cannot be prevented completely so they induce me to be safe. You could also tell your hospital that you are not able to go in on wednesday because the person your going with is in surgery on that day. They should be able to change the day to one you both can attend. I had to change my induction day when i had my son and they changed it with no problem. ~Joeys wife
@coferbox (298)
• United States
13 Jan 08
I'm so sorry for your troubles. Do you have a friend you can call to help you out? You are going to need help with the baby after he is born also. If I were you I would push for the doctor to induce tomorrow (monday) so that your mother can be there. But then you are certainly going to need someone to bring you home from the hospital in a couple of days and stay with you. So certainly call some friends or other relatives and don't be scared to ask for some help for a few days. I don't know why babies don't come when they are supposed to sometimes. My granddaughter was the same way. My daughter finally had to be induced but everything worked out fine and today her baby is a healthy active 11 month old. That is to bad about the behavior of the 'sperm doner' but it is his loss in the long run. Good Luck and let us know how it goes. Praying for you.
@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
13 Jan 08
Do you have an aunt or a friend that you can call in case your mom can't make it ? I didn't have anyone here with me when i had my daughter either except my hubby, and when they induced me it wasn't going very fast. Depending on what type of induction they do. The gel can take weeks in which your better off to let it happen naturally because the contractions are worse when you get induced. Or the patosin which apparently works a heck of a lot faster. I ended up just opting for the c section cause it was fast and easy and i was given the choice. This time i have a good friend here that can/will help me out, but i know how you feel cause my parents live over 2000 miles away, and as much as i wished that my mom could have been there for the birth of either of my kids (i'm pregand due april 1st, no joke) She refuses to travel even for these events as special as they are :/