has anyone had their car stolen and how did you feel and treated?

January 13, 2008 10:41am CST
i had my first car stolen 3 months after i passed my test, i parked it on the road outside my house. the next day i got up had a wash, opened the front door, turned around locked the door. now we had a hedge in our front garden and had to walkpast it to get to the front gate, i looked and dint see my car and thought the hedge was too high. got out the gate and extended my hand with the key and the car was no more, i was in utter dissbelief. i kept looking around tryting to see it, but no i couldnt convince myself i had been stolen.i looked on the floor for clues, no. so, i called the police and they said they had found it 1/3 mile down the road smashed up. a couple of days later i went to see it, the cd plyer was ripped out, the seats were torn, the ignition and hand brake were pulled apart. they had used a screwdriver to get in my door. and to top it off they had rammed the back of it into a tree, which wrote it off. no finger prints were taken, and the police were pretty useless.how did you fair?
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@jeet2728 (53)
• India
15 Jan 08
hey buddy its a but obvious question aboput what one gonna feel about his car get stolen.one would be feeling so miserable and grief
16 Jan 08
ok, how did the police treat your case, or couldnt they care less like in mine.