i had a day experience driving and was totally ripped off

January 13, 2008 10:48am CST
i was given a birthday treat of an experience day out at a race track, so i could drive a ferrari and a subaru. i was all excitied and it took me an hour to drive there myself. i got there and it was placed in a dissused runway, with potholes everywhere. i had to wait an hour longer than my alloted time, and then only drove the first car for 6 minutes, and then had to wait another 2 hours to drive the other car for 8 minutes. there was only an open tent with a tea urn in it to keep us out of the cold, as it was quite windy. i was ripped off, or was i, is this what i paid for as the thing was supposed to be an "experience day" driving.
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13 Jan 08
You should write a lengthy letter of complaint to the management I think. Perhaps they will do something about it and compensate you in some way for such a rotten experience. It's in their interests to keep the customers happy so that word of mouth will encourage more business.
13 Jan 08
i did write to the vendor and they told me that it was as stated in the product and i would not have any kind of refund at all. not very simpathetic and i will not be doing it again, i didnt even get any warm up laps. i had 4 laps in a ferrari that lasted 6 minutes and 5 laps in a subura that lasted 8 minutes. not good
13 Jan 08
What about writing to a local newspaper or trading standards? Getting some proper bad press might make them tow the line a bit better. It's disgraceful that they don't even offer an apology to you!