I brought a printer/scanner/copier for £25 but the inks are £24 this is crazy

January 13, 2008 9:10pm CST
This is so annoying a brought an all in one printer for £25 and found out today that the inks will cost me £24 and thats from e-bay the cheapest i can get...i may aswell buy a new printer, use the inks then sell it and buy another.. There's something wrong with the world lol
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@ellie333 (21029)
14 Jan 08
My brother bought a photo printer for me last Christmas and I have the same problem with the price of the cartridges, but I have found by taking old cartidge down to computer shop they will refill at a much lesser cost which helps a bit
14 Jan 08
we have a shop in town that does that, i think i'll call in and see, do you get as many prints out of it?
14 Jan 08
Yes as its just like buying a new one. I save about £6 per cartridge doing it this way. I usually drop it in go for a wander round town and pop back to collect cos it takes them at least ten mins and if they busy a bit longer