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January 13, 2008 9:29pm CST
have you made any replies or started any discussions that really tickled you? what was one of your favorites? I had such a fun time writing up this answer for a question posed on mylot. The question was "What are you addicted to" --------- I am absolutely reliant on WATER. simple H2o I can not live without it, I crave it morning, noon, and night - regardless of season. I shower with it, I cook with it, I wash dishes and clothes in it! *GASP* I even DRINK IT, and brush my teeth with it I am so far gone as an addict I have been known to swim in it. Sometimes when it falls from the sky I will dance in its puddles - or collect it in barrels to water my garden with. for shame for shame it is an addiction that i push on others. yes it is true, I here by freely admit that I am a water pusher - Not only do I make strong recommendations of its use to my friends and family - taunting them with promises of enhancing their health and cognitive abilities, but also on my darling children, whom I love dearly - them I actually force it upon! And you know what? I do not wish to be cured from my addiction! I declare that death alone may possess the power to quench my desire for this liquid of great consequence. ------------- If you enjoy this discussion, please consider participating in my other topics. thanks!
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• India
14 Jan 08
Hi Modestah, A wondeful topic putup by you.Yes I am also addicted to water. Not only me, rather everybody is addicted to water. Only thing many would have not realised about this like me till I read your posting. This addiction ifact is good for health, fun, exitement,cleaning,crunching thirst and we can say many. You know that people usually forget good habits they have and think about bad habits. It is natural that one should be more worried about their addiction to bad habits and that is the reason questions like this is being posted and I think that there is nothing wrong in knowing what are the other addictive things we have. Just imagine that only because somebody posted the question"What are you addicted to", you are able to post this wonderful topic for discussion. It shows that even a question like this is provoking others to think about certain unknown facts. Good Luck.
@Modestah (11192)
• United States
14 Jan 08
thank you season, you are correct when we think of addiction we immediately think of bad habits that we are compelled to repeating for our pleasure.
• Canada
14 Jan 08
That is a good one!! I love it when you said that you are so far gone you swim in it LOL very good job hun!!