is it that hard to get help?

United States
January 13, 2008 11:00pm CST
there are many cases in america when teens try to commit suicide because of what's going on in their family. i understand that people do commit suicide because they feel like they could not get help from anybody. i tell this to whoever it may concern, you can find help out there ladies and gentlemen. don't let your problems be the reason for ending your life. everyone who is sane wants you to get well and get help from people who are willing to give help, which i think is almost everyone of us, don't you think?
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@chooochy (356)
17 Jan 08
depression is such a consuming illness it is often hard to diagnose it, but i do think there are plenty of websites available with self diagnosis test that can be used to your advantage if you fell this way, they will then recommend you go and see a doctor if they thin you are at risk!