essence of our existence

being a man - The reason why we are live
January 14, 2008 6:26pm CST
Many people did not live here in this world, but they do not know the real essence of their being. They are all exist in earth but the reason why they are live, is the big question. From the basic is we are created by a creator. that`s logic. It is inevitable truth,except to those who did not belief in someone who created us.Many of this time live for unworthy things, though they know they are gaining for nothing.Some are live for food, it is a broad reason right now.But the essence of our life we didn`t know the real essence of it. The truth is God is the creator, except to those who didn`t know the God and not believe in God.That particular statement is another topic that we must to discuss. But first we need to place ourselves as created.The logic is much powerful the creator than the created.So we must submit ourselves in someone who created us,because anytime we can destroy us by Him if we are not do His will. So we need to obey,serve and please Him until we have life.
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@babyfuzz (1079)
• Philippines
15 Jan 08
Life is what we make out of it.