Food is it eating healthier or dieting?

United States
January 14, 2008 6:30pm CST
Personally I think the word dieting scares people into thinking that they have to starve themselves! I guess over the years thats why the people who make diet programs have to have a little hit and miss to..I personally just eat baked broiled boiled and only fry like every couple of weeks. Then I go back to eating healthier. I am starting to think if I eat better than I was taught to that my child will grow up loving that I cook for him. Not the fat that I put in what I cook meanwhile calling it love. Would rather show love with a kiss on the cheek or hug wouldn't you? Don't get me wrong I love deserts but like everything else I eat fruits for deserts and pie maybe one or twice a month and I do mean slice..Coffee I drink verry rarely but caffeine I drink alot. But change out to healthier drinks when body feels drug down.
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