who was dissapointed withthe ending of i am legend?

January 14, 2008 7:44pm CST
i watched i am legend at the cinema, i couldnt wait to see it as the trailers looked really good, it looked like my kind of movie. i started watching it and it was great, i wont spoil it for anyone but i think the ending was let down and came to an abrupt stop. is there any way that they could have made the ending any better, i am sure it could have been, or even made the movie a little bit longer. just as the action was starting and started getting interesting that was it.anyone any ideas?
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@dedenmz (38)
• Indonesia
15 Jan 08
Me too.I watched at cinema.and the ending not very good.i hope they fix it if there is a sekuel.any idea if there is a sekuel
15 Jan 08
no idea but how do you think they could have made it any better?
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
15 Jan 08
First, I haven't seen it yet. But my husband has. Babysitters not available always. So sometimes we see movies at different times. He said the movie was really good. The ending was just ok. And from listening to various discussions, the book turns out the same way. I still want to see it.
15 Jan 08
it is a good movie, dont get me wrong, the acting,the special effects and the script werre great, but i just think the ending was very very flat for that kind of movie. i hope i have not spoilt it for you i just wanted to know if anyone had any different views on this.