ebay must be making alot of money

January 14, 2008 8:07pm CST
everytime i switch the tv on theres an advert for ebay. everytime i go on the internet i see an advert for ebay. everytime i switch the radio on, yep you guessed it, another advert for ebay. i think they must be charging their customers too much money, they are spending it all on advertising. why dont they spend it on customer support, when you have a problem there is no clear way of getting an answer out of these guys. when someone rips you off, you just have to shrug it off.
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@suehan1 (4355)
• Australia
15 Jan 08
e-bay must have their fingers into every media outlet and it is so annoying.i hate e-bay with a passion for the reasons you stated.customer support,whats that,they do not know the meaning of customer support.the only time you will ever hear from a actual person from e-bay is when you owe them money.not when you need help with any fraudulant activity which happens daily on their site.no wonder there are people leaving e-bay by the hundreds to join other sites.not only do they charge fees that are over the top,the have no support services for their customers at all.i will support other auction sites which look after their customers.cheer sue